In a football season, derbies have a much better flavor than other games, not only for the players on the pitch, but especially for the fans.

And it's even more true when we talk about meetings between Lille, in the North, and Lens, in Pas-de-Calais.

From the effervescence which results from it, the authorities retain especially the disturbances with the public order.

And to avoid this, on Saturday, for the Lille – Lens derby which will take place at the Pierre-Mauroy stadium, the prefect of the North has established surprising rules.

Prohibition to stay near the stadium 

In the preamble, the prefect recalls that the last match between Losc and RCL "gave rise to numerous violent incidents and injured supporters".

So, to avoid further slippages, it is quite simply forbidden "for anyone claiming to be an RC Lens supporter or behaving as such" to prowl around the stadium on Saturday between noon and midnight.

Nevertheless, it is not forbidden to Lensois to attend the meeting on the sole condition that they do not "ostensibly" wear the colors of their club and that they contain their verbal outpourings on this subject.

Basically, prefer blood and gold briefs or socks to jerseys and other scarves.

If certain Lensois supporters were to wear the slightest object or clothing stamped RCL, they would face a six-month prison sentence and a 30,000 euro fine.


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