Martinique has risen to second place in the ranking of Airbnb users' favorite destinations for family rentals during the Easter holidays.

The island of the West Indies is behind Guadeloupe but ahead of Paris in this list established by the giant of seasonal accommodation itself.

The Caribbean in the lead

The list of the ten destinations most often chosen showed that people leaving with family favored French territory.

Hence the presence of the two Caribbean territories in the first two places in the ranking relayed by



The abandonment or relaxation of anti-coronavirus health measures for travelers also explains the situation.

The ranking published by Airbnb also revealed other trends.

Among them is the tenfold increase in the number of family stays compared to the same period of the year in 2021. The other types of holidaymakers have favored international destinations and especially Malaga (Spain), New York (States States) and Valencia (Spain).


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