Learn about..a violation of driving slowly on the public road

The Traffic and Patrols Department of the General Department of Central Operations in Ras Al Khaimah Police said that driving vehicles on public roads slowly is an infringement on the rights of other drivers on the road, as this leads to drivers coming from behind to overtake the wrong way.

She added that some drivers believe that slow driving or at speeds less than the speed limit on the road guarantees a safe and calm journey for themselves and others on various roads and axes, but the opposite is true as it may cause fatal and unfortunate accidents.

The Acting Director of the Traffic and Patrols Department of Ras Al Khaimah Police, Lt. Col. Dr. Muhammad Abdullah Al Bahar, indicated that Article 84 of the Federal Traffic and Traffic Law stipulates that not giving way to vehicles that have the priority of the road coming from behind or from the left side, a traffic violation and a fine will be issued against them. A financial amount of (400) dirhams, indicating that this behavior may be considered by some as simple, but it is an explicit violation and its consequences may be dire for traffic and traffic safety, because it obstructs traffic and creates a state of confusion on the road.

He explained that there is a percentage of traffic accidents, one of the most important causes of which is driving the vehicle at a speed less than the speed set on the road, so that the driver drives his vehicle slowly and without justification, especially on the left side of the road, and does not give way to other vehicles, thus hampering the flow of traffic. In turn, this leads to some vehicles behind him overtaking from the right side incorrectly, causing serious traffic accidents with severe damage and losses.

Al-Bahar called on motorists on internal and external roads to adhere to safe driving and not to overtake and overtake vehicles traveling in front of them from the right, due to the great danger that overtaking from the right poses and causes serious traffic accidents that may result in deaths and serious injuries. He also called on road users to pay attention. Commitment to the lane and not changing it to other lanes except after making sure that the road lane is clear and moving after making sure that there is a sufficient safety distance between them and other vehicles, with the need to adhere to the use of traffic lights while changing lanes in order to preserve the safety of lives and property.

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