China News Agency, Paris, April 13 (Reporter Li Yang) The French Constitutional Council announced on April 13 local time the final results of the first round of the 2022 French presidential election held on the 10th.

  French Constitutional Council President Fabius read out the final results of the vote on behalf of the Constitutional Council on the same day, confirming that the top two presidential candidates in the vote are the incumbent President Macron, who is seeking re-election, and the far-right party "National League" candidate Marina Le Pen.

  Fabius said that under the French constitution, Macron and Le Pen have both stated in written statements that they will continue to run, and they will be the two candidates for the second round of the presidential election on April 24.

  According to the final result of the voting, after counting all the votes and excluding invalid votes, Macron won 9,783,058 votes, or 27.85%, ranking first among the 12 candidates.

Le Pen won 8,133,828 votes with 23.15% of the vote.

  Mélenchon, the candidate of the far-left party "Unyielding France", won 7,712,520 votes, with 21.95% of the votes, ranking third.

The final result showed that Melenchon was only 1.2 percentage points behind Le Pen.

The far-right party's "recover lost ground" candidate Zemur came in fourth with 7.07% of the vote.

  The presidential candidate of the traditional right-wing Republican Party, the chairman of the Paris Regional Assembly, Pecres, ranked fifth with 4.78% of the vote.

The presidential candidate of the traditional center-left Socialist Party, Paris Mayor Hidalgo, won 1.74 percent of the vote.

French Green Party presidential candidate Jadot won 4.63% of the vote.

  The final results of the first round of voting showed that only four presidential candidates, Macron, Le Pen, Mélenchon and Zemour, reached the official funding threshold of 5% of the vote.

Eight other candidates, including Pecres, were not eligible for official funding.

  Pekeres has previously said she is in a critical financial position with no official funding and that she has a personal debt of 5 million euros for her campaign.

The French Republican Party is also facing financial difficulties.

The French news station quoted sources in the Republican Party as revealing that the cost of Pecres' campaign reached 14 million euros.

  According to the poll released on the 13th, Macron's approval rate in the second round of voting was 53.5%, and Le Pen's approval rate was 46.5%.