China News Service, April 12. According to Taiwan's "United Daily News", Kuomintang Chairman Zhu Lilun is preparing to visit the United States, or will visit government departments, Congress, think tanks, etc.

At present, it is tentatively scheduled to depart on May 18 and visit Washington from 24 to 27. The Kuomintang will hold a meeting in the near future to finalize the details of the visit.

Data map: Julian.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Chen Xiaoyuan

  After Zhu Lilun took office, he announced to rebuild the relationship between the Kuomintang and the United States, established the "Representative Office in the United States", and announced that Huang Jiezheng, director of the International Department, would also serve as the "Representative in the United States"; the first major event ushered in after the establishment of the "Representative Office in the United States" was Zhu Lilun's visit. In the United States, he visited the United States in November 2015 and February 2019, both visiting Washington at the time.

  And Zhu Lilun's previous visits to the United States will also have the opportunity to meet again in this visit.

According to reports, the Kuomintang is still finalizing details with the U.S. side.