Following the announcement that US President Joe Biden is considering a visit to Japan later next month, the government is accelerating adjustments for holding a quad summit to be held in the four countries of Japan, the United States, Australia and India. It is a policy to let you.

US President Joe Biden said in an online summit meeting with Indian Prime Minister Modi on the 11th, "I am looking forward to seeing you in Japan around May 24," and is considering visiting Japan late next month. I made it clear that I was doing it.

In response to this, the government has a policy of accelerating coordination,

◇ Holding a summit meeting of “Quad” made up of four countries including Australia and India in addition to Japan and the United States ◇ Prime Minister Kishida and President Biden of Japan and the United States In addition to the summit meeting, we would like to realize a meeting between President Biden and the families of the abductees.

Meanwhile, prior to this, from the middle to the end of this month, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of Germany will visit Japan and make adjustments to hold a summit meeting with Prime Minister Kishida.

In addition, taking advantage of the long holidays from this month to next month, Prime Minister Kishida will take advantage of Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, which is the chair of the G20 = 20 major countries, and Thailand, which is the chair of the APEC = Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Council. , And a visit to Europe is also being considered.

Prime Minister Kishida confirms the unity of the international community with Russia, which continues its military invasion of Ukraine, through a series of diplomatic schedules, and cooperates toward the realization of a free and open Indo-Pacific with China in mind. I want to call on you.