From the bottom of the "pure green man" Wu Zhaoxie's "stubborn Taiwan alone", he has maliciously hyped cross-strait relations many times

  [Global Times Special Correspondent Cheng Dong] Editor's note: In response to Taiwan's "Foreign Minister" Wu Zhaoxie's repeated malicious speculation about cross-strait relations, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council recently issued a press release saying that the DPP has deliberately used the situation in Ukraine to jump up and down to mislead Taiwanese people and international public opinion. , suddenly inciting "anti-China and resisting China", wagging their tails and begging for pity, expressing their value as a strategic pawn of external forces, and suddenly hyping the so-called "military threat" of the mainland, clamoring for "war theory" and continuing to kidnap Taiwanese people.

However, no matter how Wu Zhaoxie and his like use "democracy and freedom" as a fig leaf to smear themselves, they can't hide their face of splitting the country and betraying national interests, and they can't escape the inevitable end of "Taiwan independence".

"Pure Green Man"

  Wu Zhaoxie was born in Changhua County in October 1954. He graduated from the Political Science Department of National Chengchi University in 1978, and later obtained a Ph.D. in Political Science from The Ohio State University.

  After that, he returned to Taiwan to teach at National Chengchi University. In 2002, he became the deputy secretary-general of the "Presidential Office" under Chen Shui-bian, and then succeeded Tsai Ing-wen as the chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council. He also served as the representative of Taipei in the United States.

After Ma Ying-jeou came to power, Wu Zhaoxie resigned from the representative office in the United States and returned to National Chengchi University.

After Tsai Ing-wen returned to the chairmanship of the DPP in 2014, Wu Zhaoxie was quickly invited to serve as the secretary-general of the DPP and the party's representative in the United States. Minister", who was transferred to "Minister of Foreign Affairs" in February 2018.

  Taiwan's "Tianxia" magazine analyzed that for the DPP, the "Ministry of Foreign Affairs" and the "Ministry of Defense" have always been the "gates" of the courtyard. Unable to grasp its internal ecology.

Wu Zhaoxie has served as a representative in the United States, and he can understand the concept of the DPP. The most important thing is that he has obtained the authorization and trust of Tsai Ing-wen.

However, the controversy on the island was not small at that time, because Wu Zhaoxie replaced Li Dawei, who was called "Old Blue Boy", and he stepped down only because the Green Camp did not trust him.

  Wu Zhaoxie was called "Pure Green Man" by Taiwan media, and his political stance is evident.

However, his family was quite divided.

Wu Zhaoxie's third uncle, Wu Lipei, is a "Taiwan independence" boss. He used to serve as the vice president of Alaska National Bank and other positions. He founded the "Overseas Bian Friends Association" and the "American Formosa Foundation". He is currently the "Presidential Palace" of Taiwan. Senior Minister", is the long-term big sponsor of the DPP.

Because Tsai Ing-wen appointed "Old Blue Man" Lin Quan as "Executive Dean", Wu Lipei once published an open letter to Tsai Ing-wen in 2019 with former "Academia Sinica Dean" Li Yuanzhe and others, asking her to give up re-election, Hand over power and take a back seat.

Wu Zhaoxie's father, Wu Wenpei, is a die-hard supporter of the DPP. His income from running a western pharmacy is not huge, but he will donate money every election.

In August 2002, Chen Shui-bian and Lu Xiulian attended Wu Wenpei's funeral together.

Wu Zhaoxie's second uncle, Wu Shupei, was a famous unification figure who applied to join the Communist Party of China in 1948.

  Wu Zhaoxie joined the Kuomintang when he was in college, but under the influence of his father and third uncle, he finally embarked on the road of "Taiwan independence".

"Minister of Severance"

  In recent years, the key words surrounding Wu Zhaoxie's reports are basically three: "break diplomatic relations", Tsai Ing-wen and "Taiwan independence".

Since Tsai Ing-wen's administration came to power in 2016, Taiwan has successively lost Sao Tome and Principe, Panama, Dominica, Burkina Faso, El Salvador, Solomon Islands, and Kiribati.

During Wu Zhaoxie's tenure alone, 6 were cut off, and he was also called "the minister of breaking diplomatic relations".

At present, there are only 14 so-called "diplomatic countries" left by the Taiwan authorities, a record low.

  In December 2021, Chen Yixin, a "legislator" of the Kuomintang, criticized that Wu Zhaoxie had become the "foreign minister" who had "broken diplomatic relations" with the most since 1978, and that Taiwan had also withdrawn from two international organizations. He should really commit suicide to apologize.

"Legislator" Lin Defu angrily criticized Wu Zhaoxie for being really shameless and should step down immediately.

Public opinion on the island also called for him to "should rest", but Wu's seat was still firmly seated.

Taiwan's "Presidential Office" issued a statement saying that the forces "suppressing Taiwan" should be condemned, not the hard-working "diplomatic" team. Wu Zhaoxie did not resign.

In January of this year, when Wu himself participated in an event, he was asked, "You are the minister who has broken diplomatic relations the most in history. How do you explain?" He could only answer awkwardly: "Don't talk about this issue, okay?"

  Taiwan's "United Daily News" said that Wu Zhaoxie would not have enjoyed this "exemption" privilege if he hadn't had an "extraordinary friendship" with Tsai Ing-wen.

If you want to be an "old blue man", it's strange that you don't get scolded by the "legislators" of the DPP.

There is another point of view that Tsai Ing-wen is responsible for foreign affairs policy, and that it is her own responsibility to lose the "state of diplomatic ties", of course, Wu Zhaoxie cannot be blamed.

  Taiwan's "Wang Bao" analyzed that "anti-China protection Taiwan" has become the "master card" of the DPP, and the distorted "foreign" policy, coupled with the infinite "United States to resist China, pro-American and anti-China", in the past It is not surprising that Taiwan's foreign relations have suffered a series of failures in the past few years, but the policymaker Tsai Ing-wen and the executive Wu Zhaoxie are still keen to weave beautiful illusions and have no self-reflection ability.

The article specifically mentioned that the DPP authorities have attempted to break through the "diplomatic" dilemma with the "Lithuanian model" in recent years, which fully reflects their overestimation of the role of US-Taiwan cooperation, underestimated the counter-strength and determination of the mainland, and even misjudged the current international situation. .

"Die Hard Taiwan Independence"

  The three things Wu Zhaoxie has done in the past 4 years are to provoke the mainland, to be pro-American, and to be charming to the sun.

  Even though his "foreign minister" is not doing very well, he is very interested in playing "defense minister" across borders.

In April 2021, he said in an interview with British Sky TV that the mainland seems to be preparing to launch a "final war" against Taiwan, and Taiwan is at the forefront. "If the People's Liberation Army attacks Taiwan by force, it will have a subversive impact on the world." .

In October of that year, the People's Liberation Army continued to circle Taiwan, and he shouted, "We are ready to fight."

In February this year, Wu Zhaoxie claimed that if the mainland attacks Taiwan by force, Taiwan has the so-called "determination and preparation for self-defense" and has confidence in the so-called "commitment" of the United States.

In an interview with British media, he specifically mentioned Taiwan's key role in the global high-tech supply chain, which will increase the mainland's "invading Taiwan cost".

In March, Wu Zhaoxie threatened in his report to the "Legislative Yuan", "If China miscalculates the situation and takes military action against Taiwan, it will definitely pay a heavy price!"

  The island's writer Los Angeles sneered that it was like a rich kid who drove a million-dollar supercar and said to a train driver, "If you dare to collide with me, you will pay a heavy price." Yes, the painful price the other party has to pay may be to crash the front of the car and the first and second carriages. The train still has more than a dozen carriages intact. The supercar may have become a pile of scrap iron, and the driver has become meat. cake."

The article bluntly stated that Wu Zhaoxie was not only unwise, but also prepared to pull all the people of Taiwan into the water and bear the consequences of the ruling party's failure to handle cross-strait relations.

There are also comments that Wu Zhaoxie from time to time preempts Taiwan's "Ministry of Defense" to announce arms sales or to reveal the number of aircraft and ships of the PLA in military exercises in the Western Pacific, causing the Taiwan military to be extremely dissatisfied, complaining that "we want us to wipe our ass again."

  Facing the United States and Japan, Wu Zhaoxie put on another face.

When talking about Taiwan-US relations at the end of March, he said, "We need some understanding for good friends in the United States." When the United States is busy, Taiwan should not cause trouble or give too many surprises to good friends.

Taiwanese media commented, did Wu mean to say, "When adults are busy, children should not disturb him?" These words inadvertently revealed the secret of Taiwan-US relations, that is, the Tsai authorities willingly became a vassal of the United States, Every move is in accordance with the will of the United States.

In September 2020, the Yilan Suao fishing boat was rammed by the Japanese Coast Guard patrol boat in the waters of the Diaoyu Islands, causing damage to the hull, but Wu Zhaoxie did not dare to protest to Japan.

In November last year, he also deleted the words "struggling for the rights and interests of comfort women" in the "Ministry of Foreign Affairs" budget.

Ma Ying-jeou's office has criticized the DPP authorities for servile and subservient to Japan, which is a second injury to Taiwan's "comfort women".

  In May 2021, Wu Zhaoxie was included in the list of "Taiwan Independence" diehards. The mainland banned him and his family from entering the mainland, Hong Kong and Macau, restricted his affiliates from cooperating with relevant organizations and individuals in the mainland, and never allowed his affiliates and financial sponsors to enter the mainland. profit from the mainland, and take other necessary disciplinary measures.

Zhu Fenglian, a spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, said that these "Taiwan independence" die-hards are inciting cross-strait confrontation, undermining cross-strait relations, plotting to split the country, and endangering peace across the Taiwan Strait.

This account is well-documented and cannot be ignored. "The higher you jump, the harder you fall."

  "China Times" published an editorial saying that the DPP does not want to be unified, so it means that it does not want peace, so it has to "prepare to fight", which should be Wu Zhaoxie's logic.

The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council named him as a "grasshopper after the autumn". It seems that Tsai Ing-wen needs such a "belligerent" who does not wear armor, but the question is how many Taiwanese are willing to help him achieve his goals. Buried with the fame of "Taiwan independence", has Wu Zhaoxie considered it?