“Only the people should have the possibility of revising the Constitution” and not the parliament, affirmed Marine Le Pen on Tuesday.

"It's much healthier for the people to vote for it than for the two chambers," she added.

The latter wants a revision of the Constitution to include in particular the principle of “national priority” and the primacy of national law over international law.

“The Constitutional Council has no competence to control a bill which revises the Constitution”, also asserted Marine Le Pen during a press conference in Vernon (Eure) on the lands of Minister Sébastien Lecornu.

However, to submit such a bill to a referendum, Marine Le Pen would have to go through article 89, after the adoption of the bill, in identical terms, by the deputies and senators, or even by reserved article 11 “ to the organization of public powers and economic, social and environmental policy", with the likelihood of censorship by the Constitutional Council.

"Giving the floor to the people is not dangerous"

For Marine Le Pen, "we must stop considering the French people as an enemy".

With the desire to "revitalize" the institutions and the democratic functioning of the country, it proposes a "revolution by referendum" and the "non-renewable seven-year term".

"The constitution will be revised first to make it easier to organize referendums on all subjects, then and above all to introduce the citizens' initiative referendum as well as the popular initiative referendum", she declared.

“A referendum is not dangerous, giving the floor to the people is not dangerous, what is dangerous is not giving it to them”, underlined the candidate explicitly targeting the outgoing head of state Emmanuel Macron.

“We are not going to hold a referendum every Sunday,” she added.

Project to introduce proportional voting

If the answer is no "it's a failure" and "we don't put in place" the measure, said the far-right candidate.

She also detailed her plan to introduce proportional voting with a majority bonus in legislative elections.

“Even those who do not like all my proposals have an interest in voting for me, since they will have the opportunity, thanks to the reform that I am proposing here, to decide on them, on a case-by-case basis, thanks to the RIP.

Can we propose a more democratic measure?

she also asked in a nod to left-wing voters likely to vote for her in the second round.


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