• Jean-Luc Mélenchon failed at the foot of the 2nd round of the presidential election, two points behind Marine Le Pen.

  • A failure that many LFI supporters attribute to the maintenance of Fabien Roussel's candidacy for the PCF.

  • On social networks, the former communist candidate is violently taken to task.

The first round of the presidential election therefore ended on Sunday with a duel between Emmanuel Macron (LREM) and Marine Le Pen (RN) for the second round which will take place on April 24.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon's unexpected third place, just two points behind the boss of the RN, left a lot of bitterness among LFI activists.

Bitterness being an understatement to describe the wave of criticism raining down on the candidate of the Communist Party, Fabien Roussel, accused of having made Mélenchon lose.

We had already mentioned the offensive tags inscribed on the PCF office and in certain streets of Lille.

The tone was unequivocal to develop the thought of the authors who, to sum up, see Fabien Roussel as a "traitor" who prevented the leader of LFI from qualifying for the second round of the presidential election.

Their reasoning, purely mathematical, also holds water: the total of 21.95% of LFI added to the 2.28% of the PCF being higher than the 23.15% of the RN.

This is also what the LFI deputy from the North, Adrien Quattenens, had recognized on Twitter on Monday: “I would be lying if I said that the 2.5% of the Communists with Fabien Roussel did not fail us”, a- he writes, adding that “clearly, this choice of dispersion was risky and without interest”.

"There is no point in attacking the PCF"

Except that these few tags are only the tiny part of a huge iceberg of resentment widely disseminated on social networks, especially Twitter.

"It's the communists who must be turning in their graves!"

», Launches an angry man.

"Thank you to comrade Roussel who played Macron's game," laments Indigo.

“Congratulations comrades, the shitty days are ahead of you,” laughs Mac Lod.

“Roussel is a living room communist, who favors his small personal career,” criticizes Renoard.

“On happy days, you participated in depriving several thousand of your fellow citizens, the most precarious,” regrets Falbaleblu.

Of like that, there are many.

Worse, even more.

Find the results of the 1st round

Privileged target the day after April 10, Fabien Roussel is a little less today, the attacks now targeting his supporters in general.

Still on Twitter, this translates into a pitched battle between communists and mélenchonistes who are inveighing against each other from all sides.

In this fight, few voices are raised to try to calm things down. “These are not acceptable methods.

There is no point in attacking the PCF”, however declared the LFI deputy from the North, Hugo Bernalicis, who calls for a focus on the legislative elections “to prevent Macron from having a majority in the Assembly”.

The majority socialist group at the town hall of Lille assured "the communists of the North" of its support, hammering that "violence, insults and 'reprisals' are unacceptable and have no place in our democracy".

On the evening of his defeat, Fabien Roussel declared: “The challenge today is to rebuild a strong, new, popular left, capable of winning tomorrow”.

It would still be necessary for the supporters of the left to first manage to reconcile.


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