The victim, a young man of 24, had been found 97 meters away, the dislocated body, embedded in a tree.

One of his legs had been ripped off, reports

Paris Normandie


The cyclist had been hit from behind.

The shock had been extremely violent.

Yesterday, the correctional court of Rouen (Seine-Maritime) sentenced the driver of the same age.

At the wheel of his Audi 3, in the middle of the night, in February, between Petit-Couronne and Le Grand-Quevilly, he was driving at more than 100 km / h on a road limited to 50, witnesses said.

He had just run a red light.

The bike ?

He claims not to have seen it.

"When I saw the body, I panicked, I went back to my parents"

Why did you leave after the tragedy?

“I got out of the vehicle.

When I saw the body, I panicked, I went back to my parents, ”he explained at the bar of the court, reports the regional daily.

First aid will be given by witnesses.

In vain.

A few minutes before the tragedy, the Audi A3 had been spotted by a police patrol.

She will follow her, before giving up, however, noting the license plate, explained

at the time of the arrest of the defendant.

The young man was sentenced to three years in prison, two of which were suspended for manslaughter and hit and run.

The victim was "an invisible worker", underlined at the hearing the lawyer for the civil parties.

A young Algerian, without papers, who arrived in France in 2017 and who earned his living through bicycle deliveries.

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