The Council of State rejected, on Wednesday, the request of one of the two detainees transferred from Guadeloupe to the metropolis last month.

He wanted to be imprisoned in the West Indies.

The man is one of the seven people imprisoned after the urban violence in the department at the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. He is suspected of having participated in their organization, indicates La Première.

A transfer in retaliation

The suspects are also accused of having wanted to extract money from companies and elected officials.

The detainee's lawyer felt that sending his client to mainland France prevented him from seeing his family and his defender in full instruction.

She claimed it was a punishment after an appeal over her conditions of detention.

The Council of State has meanwhile highlighted the phone found on the respondent and a risk of intimidation of witnesses.

After the transfer of the two prisoners, four of the individuals imprisoned in the case of violence in Guadeloupe against a backdrop of opposition to anti-Covid 19 health measures are now in mainland France.


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