In the heart of the Salamanca district and surrounded by large companies dedicated to the world of aesthetic medicine, a 28-year-old woman has set up a charming clinic.

Her name is Elena Berezo and she begins to have few gaps in her agenda.


Since I was little I was clear that I wanted to dedicate myself to the subject of beauty and aesthetics

», she says.

As soon as he finished his medical degree, he completed a

master's degree in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine

and shortly after began working in clinics.

Finally, he decided to set up a small office together with his partner on Calle Vallehermoso that they shared with a dental office.

Doing many numbers and assuming the great challenge, a month ago they opened the doors of the EB Clinic, an exciting aesthetic medicine business on Calle de Velázquez, 115 with

four fully equipped medical cabinets.

The center is specialized in facial and body rejuvenation and in the elimination of localized fat without any type of surgery.

Only in one of the laser machines have they invested more than 90,000 euros, which shows that it is an expensive business when it comes to starting it up.

This modern, state-of-the-art platform allows you to remove blemishes on the body and any skin lesions such as stretch marks.

There is more and more interest in this type of treatment

and it is true that now that the mask is going to disappear, the demand for complete facial treatments is rising,” explains Elena.

He points out that his clients are looking for a doctor forever and natural results: «We do not want artificial effects.

We want the patient not to lose her essence and have a doctor for life who understands her.

In addition, we

work with products with anesthesia and that do not have drug interactions

with any type of drug ».

This professional hopes that the patients who pass through the clinic look in the mirror and see themselves "the same, but rejuvenated, never with a paralyzed face."

“And that is possible with personalized treatments and diagnoses.

Each patient needs something different », she adds.

This young businesswoman admits that it is very complex to open this type of center due to all the requirements demanded by the Ministry of Health: «We work with a material that requires special conservation and specific care.

They are products that cannot be handled by just anyone


You have to pass some very specific rules and protocols to get the Health permit and the license from the Madrid City Council.

And then you have to get a large space for the business », she remarks.

One of the great problems in this field of medicine is professional intrusion.

She assures Elena that there are people who offer dubious treatments, which are given in homes or hotel rooms, and who use fraudulent products.


work with two pharmacies that supply us with products that, like Botox, have to be correctly labeled

and are attached to a drug store.

These products are kept in special refrigerators with a limit temperature.

You cannot buy these drugs online or by any other means.

Professional training is very important for the doctor.

“It seems that it is an easy job, but quite the opposite.

You have to be there in case complications arise


Even the best doctor in the world can have them », she points out.

She explains Elena that right now only 10% of her clients are men and that the average age of the patients is about 40 years old.

However, she indicates that those under 16 years of age cannot be treated and that for older people there is no limit: "You just have to investigate her comorbidity and see if the patient has previous illnesses."

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