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El Palmar, a district of Murcia with some 22,000 inhabitants, is already known even in Miami.

The culprit is the young tennis player Carlos Alcaraz, who was crowned champion of his first Masters 1000 in the city of Florida.

He has revealed himself as a shining star and many already assure that they saw him coming.

One of those people is Juanjo López Martínez, the doctor who has accompanied the Murcian since long before he began to accumulate success.

He is also from El Palmar and it was precisely there that his path crossed.

for the first time with Alcaraz.

Specifically, with the father of "Carlitos".

"His father was my tennis teacher and I even competed. Then I left him and started Medicine. Carlitos started playing when he was 8 years old and he already had qualities. I evaluated him and we did preventive work, monitoring his growth. He started being my patient at that age and since then they have always consulted me and I have been there for him", confesses the doctor.

Juanjo is full of praise when he talks about the "child", since for him he is part of his family.

His love affair with medicine and sports began at a very young age.

Although now he is focused on Carlos, he was also a doctor for the Real Murcia team.

He admits that he did not have a vocation as a doctor, but

now he is at the height of it.

"I opted for Medicine for the grades, I was good at studies."

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He specialized in Sports and Children's Traumatology and is now a national reference in his area.

His fame as a nerd precedes him, since he was one of the

winners of the Gasol brothers' scholarship at the age of 32.

"The Spanish society of children's orthopedics organized an exam to obtain the scholarship. All the specialists at the national level are presented and evaluated by the service heads of the reference hospitals. It was an exam in English in which you had to solve a case clinician. I was lucky enough to win and it was curious because the previous year it was also won by a Murcian, a colleague of mine. It was difficult for us to win two Murcians in a row".

Juanjo headed to Los Angeles, where he met Pau Gasol.

"I met Pau, we went to a charity event, he came to the hospital to distribute toys. It was a wonderful experience and he is an exemplary athlete.

He is how people see him, an exceptional guy on a sporting and human level".

There he learned a cruciate ligament surgery technique in children that he brought to Spain and continues to put into practice today.

He assures that the children are very appreciative patients and that they just want to play.

The doctor is now 39 years old and his resume is enviable.

Any professional career

languishes against that of Dr. de Alcaraz.

Especially since he has also given her time to write books, have a large family and take care of his social networks.

For example, Tik Tok.

"The Tik Tok algorithm is very good, it's a social network where you can spend a lot of time. I use it to share outreach videos. I'm very active on social networks, in the end it's a job in itself."

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He currently works at the Virgen de la Arrixaca hospital in Murcia and also has a private practice.

However, if work allows it, he travels with Carlitos, who was soon compared to Rafa Nadal.

"Carlos is a different boy.

Like defeats he doesn't dramatize them so much, victories don't dramatize them either.

On a psychological level he also has a gift. The issue of comparing him with Rafa Nadal is inevitable because in Spain he is our idol. He doesn't have extra pressure because compare him to him.

He is not the second Rafa but the first Carlos Alcaraz.

We believe he is going to make history."


The little free time that Dr. López has is dedicated to his family, especially his children, who are now 4, 2 and a half years old.

He also doesn't hesitate to stay up all night to see "his star of his" whether he plays in Australia or some other time-off location.

He also plays sports: tennis, of course.

He usually goes running and goes to the gym.

A curious part of his career that the media usually bring up is

his coronation almost 20 years ago as Mr. Murcia


"It's nothing bad and I don't regret it. In fact I have friends and I've had many experiences as a result of it. I worked in Panama, I did things in advertising but when I finished my degree I stopped it completely.

It's like a poster that doesn't define today.

Yes, I was Mr. Murcia but I don't like that he keeps going out.

Well, I sleep perfectly if it goes out, but I think I've done a lot more things since 18 years ago."

Alcaraz's team

Carlos Alcaraz was born attached to a racket.

His passion for tennis arose at an early age, as his father also played the sport and even competed.

His coach is Juan Carlos Ferrero, a national tennis figure who has surrounded himself with the best.

"We are all in a cloud because we see the results even sooner than expected. Carlos has a very well-worked physique, very good for tennis and has a very high level of preparation," reveals his doctor.

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