The Orleans court decided on Friday to order the eviction of 16 homeless people from the city's Les Halles Chatelet shopping center.

The homeless had settled in the corridors and around the site a few months ago.

The town hall and the co-owners of the building had taken legal action, reports France Bleu Orléans.

Several people relocated

The interim relief judge authorized the use of force to evict the people concerned.

The operation could take place very soon.

The municipality assured that it had offered accommodation solutions to the homeless as early as last March.

Half of the homeless would thus have accepted an offer from social services.

The town hall mentioned via its lawyer "real nuisances for traders".

The eviction order is valid for two months, the court said.

“We will deport them, they will go elsewhere, where they may be subject to new procedures, I hope not,” lamented the lawyer for one of the homeless.


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