US President Biden has expressed his intention to visit Japan to attend the Quad Summit on the 24th of next month.

It is highly likely that he will visit Korea at this time, so attention is paid to whether the Yun Seok-yeol administration's first Korea-US summit will be held at the end of next month.

President Biden said he looked forward to meeting in Japan around May 24 at a summit meeting with Indian Prime Minister Modi held over video yesterday (11th local time), Reuters reported.

Quad is an organization that the Biden administration is working hard enough to upgrade to a top-level meeting after the inauguration of President Biden.

During a video conference in March, the Quad leaders agreed to hold a face-to-face meeting in Japan in the spring of this year, but a specific date has never been discussed.

It has been observed that Australia's political situation ahead of the general election is acting as a difficulty in coordinating the schedule.

In the midst of this, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison held a press conference on the 10th and announced that the general election would be held on the 21st of next month.

According to President Biden's comments, it means that holding the quad summit on the 24th of next month, right after the Australian general election, is being discussed or has already been outlined.

The reason President Biden's trip to Japan is of interest is that he is likely to visit South Korea before and after his visit to Japan.

Some foreign media have reported that when President Biden visits Japan, he is considering a plan to visit South Korea as well.

There were also reports that the Biden administration would take the opportunity to visit Japan to attend the Quad Summit and maintain its position that it is natural to visit Korea.

Korea is also taking a positive stance on this approach.

Jin Park, head of the Korea-U.S. policy consultation delegation sent by President-elect Yoon to the United States, said at a correspondent meeting on the 7th that "the need for an early Korea-U.S. summit is something that the two countries share in common."

After Biden took office in January of last year, he invited the leaders of South Korea and Japan respectively to the United States to hold summit meetings, but he has not yet visited the two countries in person.

President Biden's visit to South Korea will host the first US-ROK summit between President-elect Yoon and President Biden.

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)