Sportsmanship is a microcosm of Chinese spirit.

  On April 8, the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympic Games Summary and Commendation Conference was grandly held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

General Secretary Xi Jinping presented awards and delivered an important speech to the representatives of outstanding groups and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech fully affirmed the outstanding achievements of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympic Games, comprehensively reviewed the extraordinary process of preparing for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympic Games in the past 7 years, and made an in-depth summary of the preparation and hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympic Games. and for the first time put forward the 20-character Beijing Winter Olympics spirit of "thinking about the big picture, being confident and open, facing difficulties, pursuing excellence, and creating a better future".

  A great cause breeds a great spirit, and a great spirit leads a great cause.

  After 7 years of hard work, in the process of bidding, preparing and holding the Winter Olympics, Beijing, the "city of double Olympics", has joined hands with Zhangjiakou as the host city of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics.

The Chinese people, together with the peoples of other countries, have overcome various difficulties and challenges, once again created an Olympic event that will go down in history, and once again shared the glory of the Olympics.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping said affectionately: "The successful holding of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics embodies the hard work and wisdom and sweat of people on all fronts." A grand event for ice and snow sports is also a spiritual sublimation.

The "Winter Olympic Dream" and the "Chinese Dream" are wonderfully intertwined, offering countless wonderful moments and beautiful memories to the world, and also leaving us a precious spiritual wealth, condensing the majestic power of "Together to the Future" .

  From the bid to the preparation to the holding, the road to the Beijing Winter Olympics has been solid and steady, and General Secretary Xi Jinping has led the way.

  The grand goal of "driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports" promotes the leap-forward development of ice and snow sports in my country. Ice and snow sports have crossed Shanhaiguan and entered all parts of the country, opening a new era of ice and snow sports in China and even in the world; "highlighting technology, wisdom, green, The ardent entrustment of the characteristics of frugality" guides the integration of Chinese design, Chinese technology, Chinese materials, and Chinese manufacturing into a "Chinese solution" that will amaze the world; Confidence has inspired the participants of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics to complete various tasks well...

  A batch of builders are very motivated and strive for the day and night, creating the "China Speed" that the Winter Olympics venues were completed one year ahead of schedule, and the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway only took more than three years from construction to opening; tens of thousands of staff were not afraid Severe cold, willing to give, to achieve impeccable service guarantee; 18,000 volunteers provided warm-hearted services with their youth and dedication, showing the world the image of vigorous Chinese youth...

  From the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, the world has seen the confidence and calmness of China in the new era; The delegation participated in the whole event for the first time, and won 9 gold medals and 15 medals in the Winter Olympics and 18 gold medals and 61 medals in the Winter Paralympic Games, winning honors for the motherland and the people...

  The Chinese people, who have always believed in their words and committed their deeds, have fulfilled their promises - "two Olympic Games, equally exciting", setting a "new Olympic benchmark" for the world.

At the commendation conference, General Secretary Xi Jinping solemnly declared: "Facts have once again proved that the Chinese people have the will and determination to contribute to the development of the Olympic Movement and the unity and friendship of the people of the world, and they have the ability and enthusiasm to continue to make new and greater achievements. contribution!"

  As General Secretary Xi Jinping said, we not only reap the joy of success in our struggles, but also gain rich spiritual wealth and precious experiences in our struggles, which are worth cherishing and developing.

  Realize the dream of the Winter Olympics and move towards the future together.

The spirit of the Beijing Winter Olympics is like a lamp lit by the "city of double Olympics", guiding us to set sail from the new coordinates of the double Olympics and create a better tomorrow.

  (China Central Radio and Television Station CCTV Network)