China has accused the United States of making 'baseless accusations' over its policy to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, after a rise in cases in Shanghai led the US consulate in that city to allow the “voluntary departure” of non-essential diplomats.

Faced with the worst wave of the virus in China since the start of the epidemic, Shanghai, the economic capital of the country, has been in total or partial confinement for two weeks.

Under very strict sanitary measures, the 25 million Shanghainese are forced to stay at home.

“Zero Covid” strategy

The Chinese authorities continue to defend their “zero Covid” strategy, with confinements as soon as a few cases appear.

In Shanghai, they once implemented a very controversial policy of separating children positive for the coronavirus from their parents who tested negative, but since relaxed in the face of criticism.

In a new US travel warning, the State Department also recommended on Friday "not to travel" to Shanghai, "due to Covid-19 restrictions, including the risk of separation between parents and their children". .

In response, Beijing expressed "strong displeasure and firm opposition to the baseless accusations by the US side regarding China's epidemic control policy," according to a statement posted on the Foreign Ministry's website on Saturday.

“It is the decision of the United States.

However, it should be emphasized that China's epidemic control policy is scientific and effective," ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said, adding that Beijing had lodged "solemn protests" with its American counterparts.

"We have every confidence that Shanghai and other places will overcome this cycle of the epidemic," he added.


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