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British Prime Minister

Boris Johnson

has met Ukrainian President

Volodom Ir Zelenskiy

on a previously unannounced visit to Kiev, according to an image posted on Twitter by the Ukrainian Embassy in the UK.

The diplomatic legation released an image of both leaders sitting face to face in an office, next to the flags of both countries, and added the word "Surprise" to its message.

According to Downing Street sources, the British prime minister conveyed his "solidarity" to Zelensky at the moment of extreme difficulty that the Ukrainian people are going through.

At the meeting, the leaders discussed the support that Ukraine receives from the United Kingdom in the war with Russia and it is expected that new shipments of military material will be agreed upon.

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War in Ukraine.

Fissures between allies threaten to break European unity in Ukraine

  • Writing: CARLOS FRESNEDA(Correspondent)London

Fissures between allies threaten to break European unity in Ukraine

Johnson's visit to the Ukrainian capital was not announced in advance and comes as Russia is building up troops in the east of the country. "The UK will send more defensive weapons to Ukraine and work with G7 partners to attack every pillar of the economy." to ensure that Putin fails," Johnson said in a tweet written hours before making his visit to kyiv public.

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