Regarding former Japanese-American President Alberto Fujimori, who was released by the Constitutional Court of Peru in South America in March, the American Court of Human Rights told the Peruvian government that "it will lead to Mr. Fujimori being exempt from his own responsibility". I ordered the release to be suspended.

Alberto Fujimori (83), a Japanese-American who became president of Peru in 1990, has been criticized for his powerful political methods while demonstrating his skills in security measures, and in 2010 he commanded security forces and became a citizen. A 25-year prison sentence was finalized for murder and other charges.

The Constitutional Court of Peru granted Mr. Fujimori's claim for personal protection and ordered him to be released in March, but the bereaved families of the case were released to the Organization of American States judiciary, the Organization of American States Human Rights Court, in Costa Rica, Central America. I was petitioning for an injunction.

The Peruvian Constitutional Court's ruling on the 8th announced that the Peruvian Constitutional Court has ordered the Peruvian government to suspend the release, saying that "Mr. Fujimori will be exempt from liability for the most serious human rights violations."

Regarding the release of Mr. Fujimori, the Peruvian government has stated that it will "follow the judgment of the American Court of Human Rights" and is expected to suspend Mr. Fujimori's release.