It was on Thursday evening that several people in the same company were allegedly threatened and blackmailed by three men in Nyköping.

A few hours later, just before midnight, the police went to the Idbäcken area after receiving information about three masked men moving in the area.

The police suspected that these were the same men who had previously threatened several people.

When the police arrive at the scene, the three men flee in a car.

The driver refuses to stop at the police sign and a car chase begins.

- It must have gone at high speeds and the car was driven in a very careless way, says police spokesman Dennis Johansson Strömberg.

The driver is suspected of having been under the influence of drugs

According to the police, the car chase lasted for a few minutes.

The suspects stopped at a forest area and one of the people ran away but could, together with the other two suspects, be arrested.

There were two men in their 20s and a man in his 25s.

All have previously been convicted of various crimes.

The men are now under arrest on suspicion of extortion.

The driver is also suspected of gross negligence in traffic, gross drug driving and illegal driving.