During the night until Friday and during the morning, many cars have been involved in accidents in Dalarna, Värmland and Örebro counties.

- We have not become aware of many of them, because they were not of a more serious nature and the car ended up in the ditch next to the road, says Mats Öhman.

Not prohibited with summer tires

Going out into the traffic with the summer tires on in road conditions similar to what has been the last 24 hours is not forbidden, but it can have serious consequences and result in accidents with serious consequences.

- If we come to an accident where someone with summer tires skidded into other vehicles and caused damage, it is counted as having taken a conscious risk and it is counted as negligence in traffic.

If it is personal injuries or deaths, it can be about causing, says Öhman.

Applies to adapt

In addition to keeping an eye on the tires, it is important to scrape the windows properly and brush off the car.

Snow on the roof or hood is counted as unladen load.

The most important thing, according to Öhman, is to think about whether the car really needs to roll when it snows.

- A call is to adapt to the weather and the forces of nature, says Öhman.

In the video, you will hear more about what applies in the spring in traffic when winter strikes.