China's President Xi Jinping spoke at a ceremony inviting the staff of the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games, emphasizing that the measures against the infection of the new coronavirus were solid, and said that it was a "historical event" and succeeded. Showed off.

On the 8th, China's Xi Jinping leadership held a ceremony at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing to commend those who contributed to the Games, such as the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games staff and athletes.

At the ceremony, President Xi Jinping made a speech, pointing out that "the event was held in the midst of a global epidemic of the new coronavirus, but there were no clusters," and emphasized that infection control was solid. bottom.

"The Chinese people have overcome various difficulties and challenges and held a tournament that will make a name for itself in history again," he said. In conjunction with the 2008 summer tournament, Beijing will hold the first summer and winter tournament in history. He showed off his success as he did.

The ceremony was attended by film director Yi-Mou Zhang, who was in charge of directing the opening ceremony, and ski freestyle Eileen Gu, who won three medals, two gold and one silver.

As President Xi, he is aiming to enter the third term, which is unusual for the top of the Communist Party, and it seems that he aims to strengthen the centripetal force by emphasizing the success of the convention toward the party convention in the second half.