In Shanghai, China, where strict restrictions on going out continue due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the number of people infected per day exceeded 20,000 on the 7th.

While the time to lift the restrictions was not indicated, information that could not be identified was circulating on SNS, and the authorities announced a policy to strengthen information control.

In Shanghai, China, where strict restrictions on going out continue, 21,222 people, mainly asymptomatic people, were confirmed in one day on the 7th.

This is the first time that the number of infected people per day has exceeded 20,000, and it has reached a record high for seven consecutive days.

The Shanghai Municipal Authority says that it will conduct PCR tests and antigen tests on residents throughout the city every day and decide what to do according to the results, but it does not indicate the specific time to lift the restrictions on going out.

Under these circumstances, various information whose truth is unknown is circulating on SNS, and on the 8th, the Shanghai city authorities warned that "illegal acts that shed hoaxes will be punished" and announced a policy to strengthen the crackdown. ..

Police in Shanghai announced on the 23rd of last month that they are investigating two men who have been informed that "the city will be blocked soon in Shanghai" on "suspicion of disturbing social order".

At that time, the Shanghai city authorities expressed negative thoughts about restrictions on going out in the whole area, but since it was implemented as a result, "Is the announcement of the authorities reliable?" And "'Hoax' There are also criticisms of the authorities' policy of strengthening information control, such as "Who will take responsibility if it is proved to be correct?"