China News Service, April 7. According to Taiwan's "China Times News Network" report, Tomasz Sniedziewski, a Polish journalist living in Taiwan, posted two posts in a month to complain about Kaohsiung's traffic problems. Motorcycles not only ride on the sidewalks like a light meal, but also honk their horns to make way for pedestrians. , and even cars will drive on the sidewalk, causing heated discussions.

Some netizens pulled out a video of an old man crossing the road three years ago, calling it unimaginable.

  The YouTube channel "Taiwan Driving Violation Accident Database" recently uploaded a video from 2019. Through the video, you can see that an old man in a white and gray coat was riding several motorcycles one after another when he was crossing the zebra crossing and was about to step on the sidewalk. On the sidewalk whizzing by, turn right at a red light.

The old man was immediately taken aback, and quickly stepped back to let the motorcycle pass. Unexpectedly, he waited for nearly 30 seconds.

In the video, after the old man stopped, more than 10 motorcycles followed him onto the sidewalk and turned right, and there were even children carrying children.

Image source: Screenshot of the YouTube channel "Taiwan Driving Violation Accident Database" video

  Many netizens were dumbfounded when they saw the video, and they left comments: "I know Kaohsiung's traffic is bad, but I didn't expect it to be so exaggerated", "This has subverted my common sense", "It turns out that when you cross the zebra crossing at the green light in Kaohsiung, you have to give way to the red light first. The locomotive turning right", "Kaohsiung is really not unexpected", "You can see from the video that Aber is full of helplessness", "Pedestrians walking on the zebra crossing with a green light, they have to stand for 30 seconds", "It can be seen that Kaohsiung people think that the sidewalk is from the bottom of their hearts. It's for the car."