Is the federal government still aware of the fatal signals it is sending in corona policy?

The latest twist: Anyone who becomes infected with Corona after May 1st will still have to isolate themselves.

After just two days, Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach withdrew the decision he had announced himself – on a late-night TV talk show.

Lauterbach explained that the aim was to relieve the health authorities, but instead, with the lifting of the obligation to isolate, the impression was created that Corona was no longer dangerous.

Yes, indeed, that was the impression the citizens had to get.

The government couldn't foresee that?

If so, she acted negligently.

The loss of confidence of many citizens in the Corona policy must not be accelerated.

The about-face that leading politicians have made on compulsory vaccination is still having an impact.

Some even rotated around their own axis several times.

Everyone must get dizzy.

If the government didn't see what it was doing with the lurching course, that would be just as terrifying.

The mask requirement is lifted – but in the same breath the responsible minister urges the citizens to continue to wear one.

The same applies to the “voluntary isolation” that Lauterbach initially recommended.

A confusion game, only with losers.

This is how Corona is trivialized.

"You wanted him - you'll get him"

Lauterbach now speaks of the abolition of the obligation to isolate as a mistake that he takes on himself and does not blame on the FDP.

Lauterbach still wants to be responsible for his mistakes and not be the poodle of the FDP.

That's right.

But also bitter for all the Lauterbach fans who were excited to finally have a scientist at the head of the ministry.

"You wanted him - you'll get him," tweeted SPD Secretary General Kevin Kühnert after Olaf Scholz named Lauterbach.

A minister of the people.

The family doctor of an entire country.

How could this mistake happen to him of all people?

Lauterbach was often right during the pandemic, he has understanding and insight like few.

But he always contradicted himself regularly, his scientific expertise gave him a freedom that he used freely.

According to the motto: Nobody notices anyway.

Announcing the current turnaround late in the evening on a talk show is an insult to the citizen.

Lauterbach's responsibility and height of fall are particularly great.

The only thing left for the citizens to do is use their own common sense.

Just as they are increasingly on their own in the fight against the virus.