As the government held an ad hoc cabinet meeting today (the 6th) and decided to spend 36 billion won in reserve funds, the plan to relocate the office of President-elect Yoon Seok-yeol to Yongsan is also on track.

However, as the passage of the reserve fund was delayed by nearly a week than expected by Yoon-elect, it is physically impossible for President-elect Yoon to start working at the Yongsan Ministry of National Defense building immediately after taking office on May 10.

In addition, as the Ministry of National Defense postponed the move of the first to fourth floors of the government building after the main training schedule of the South Korea-US combined exercise in the first half of this month (from the 18th to the 28th of this month), the relocation of the presidential office is also expected to be delayed further in series.

It is known that key facilities such as President-elect Yoon's office, secretary's office, press room, spokesperson's office, and security office will be deployed on the first to fourth floors of the current Ministry of National Defense.

A key official from Yoon's side said in a press call today, "It is expected that the relocation of the presidential office and press room to the Ministry of National Defense will be completed until at least June." They must have started remodeling by now.”

The remodeling of the Hannam-dong Army Chief of Staff official residence, which will be used as the official residence of President-elect Yoon, is also unlikely to be completed by May 10, the day of his inauguration.

However, with the passage of the reserve fund today, the moving work on the 5th to 10th floors of the current building of the Ministry of National Defense can begin.

President-elect Yoon's side plans to move in to the office of the staff, including the public-private joint committee, with the goal of around the 20th.

After taking office, attention is also focused on where President-elect Yoon will start his office for about a month before the relocation of the Yongsan office is completed.

Internally, the transition committee sees a high possibility that President-elect Yoon will commute from her office in Toongui-dong, Jongno-gu to and from her home in Seocho-dong for the time being.

It is said that President-elect Yoon has strongly expressed his will to start working by setting up a 'field tent' in the front yard of the Ministry of National Defense in the vicinity.

It is also known that a plan to have a 'tent press room' next to the president's 'tent office' has been discussed.

Meanwhile, the site of the USFK base in Yongsan is expected to be returned at the end of next month.

President-elect Yoon explained that it was originally about a month earlier from the time of return at the end of June.

The site of the US base, which is scheduled to be returned first, is about 500,000 square meters, which is about a quarter of the total Yongsan base.

President-elect Yoon's side will also start working on a park on the returned site with the goal of the end of this year.

At a briefing this morning, spokeswoman Bae Hyun-jin said, "It is impossible to move the office exactly on the 10th of May, and it is expected that it will take some time." We will discuss ways to move the office smoothly.”

A representative of the transition committee met with reporters and said, "Our goal is to relocate (work) all night, and to start working in the office of the next president, Yoon Seok-yeol, on May 10." "We will do our best to make it possible within a month. I believe that cooperation with the current Blue House and the transition committee is going well,” he said.

(Photo = Insuui Photo Reporters Group, Yonhap News)