China News Service, April 6. According to the American "Overseas Chinese News" report, the Qingming Festival is a traditional festival that Chinese people attach great importance to. In traditional Chinese culture, going to the cemetery to worship ancestors on Qingming Festival is often filled with grief and melancholy.

The Chinese who have lived overseas for many years still retain the traditional culture of worshiping and sweeping graves.

  This year, more than 30 fellows from the Wenzhou Association visited the Rose Cemetery and Geely Cemetery in New Jersey to pay their respects.

Chairman Wu Hongguang said that the Association has blessed land purchased by the Association in both places. Every year, the Association will lead the villagers to the cemetery to worship their ancestors during the Qingming Festival. When the epidemic was severe last year, they did not organize the villagers to go together. But the backbone of the committee still insisted on going to the grave.

A lot more people went this year.

Blessed Land is the place for the seniors who contributed to the Association of Hometowns, and some fellow villagers who cannot afford to buy a cemetery can also be buried here.

It has become a tradition for the Association to burn incense, light candles, offer flowers and offer sacrificial supplies in the blessed land every year under the leadership of the president.

  Ms. Xiao from Wuhan, Hubei said that her father was buried on Long Island. When everyone lived in New York, the four siblings took their children to the cemetery to worship each year. Later, she moved to Houston with her mother and brother.

But she still rushes back to New York every year to visit her father's grave.

This year, the elderly mother and child were specially brought to New York to visit their father's grave. This traditional custom must be maintained.

  Mr. Lu from Hunan said that when he arrived in the United States not long ago, he always felt that his roots had not yet taken root.

All ancestors were buried in China, and now I can't go back to visit graves.

When I return to the sky for a hundred years in the future, I may choose to return to my roots.

(Jin Yuyi)