China News Service, April 6th. According to Peru's "Gazette" report, Peruvian Education Minister Rosendo Serna assured on the 5th local time that schools in Lima and all regions of the country will resume offline teaching from the 6th.

Earlier on the 4th and 5th, due to protests and strikes across Peru, schools switched to online classes.

  Cerner said if students missed classes in the past two days, the school would find time to make up for it to complete the 36 weeks of classes required during the school year.

  Serna also said that the government decided to implement a curfew on the 5th in order to avoid the violence that may be triggered by the protests and demonstrations threatening the lives of citizens.

  In addition, regarding the alleged plagiarism of the doctoral dissertation, Serna refused to answer reporters' questions, and said that he had asked the president of Enrique Guzmán y Valle University in writing to set up an evaluation committee to review whether his dissertation was qualified.

  Serna said, "I live by three basic principles: transparency, honesty and fairness. I have served in the field of public education in Peru for 34 years, and the Peruvian education community, especially in my region, knows my conduct. , this kind of malicious accusation hurts me very much."