Jönköping University and seven other Swedish universities and colleges tell SVT that they will not accept Russian exchange students next semester.

This is after the Minister of Education Anna Ekström (S)'s call to break all agreements with the Russian state.

May have to pay themselves

Today, six Russian exchange students are studying at Jönköping University.

Russian students will continue to be accepted, but the consequence will be that they will have to pay for their studies themselves or rely on scholarships.

Linnaeus University in Växjö has also broken the exchange agreements.

One of those who reacted with great disappointment to the decision is 20-year-old Daria Rodionova who studies human rights at LNU.

"I was devastated" - hears Russian student Daria Rodionova talk about how she is affected.

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Daria Rodionova wanted to study human rights for another semester in Sweden.

Hear why, in the clip above.

Photo: Kajsa Oscarson / SVT