Hear Jessica Hedman tell more about her work in the clip.

In the spring of 2020, Jessica Hedman started putting on her sisters' makeup and publishing the pictures on social media.

She has no makeup education but has always had an interest in makeup and beauty.

Eventually her pictures started to become popular and she gained more followers.

In the autumn of 2020, she got her first customer - and then it took off.

Took a vacation to work in Stockholm

When more and more customers and companies heard about it, she reduced her working hours at the office job and took vacation days to be able to go to Stockholm and work as a makeup artist.

In 2021, she quit her job and started working with make-up full time.

Now she makes a living working with makeup and beauty as a makeup artist and her social media.

- It feels absolutely incredible to be able to work with your hands and be creative.

As a finance manager, it was all about accounting, but now I get to be creative and do something I love, she says.