Washington has "secretly" tested a hypersonic missile

The United States conducted a "successful" test of a hypersonic missile in mid-March, but kept the matter a secret for about two weeks to avoid escalating tensions with Russia while President Joe Biden was preparing to travel to Europe, according to CNN, citing a defense official familiar with the matter. on command.

The HAWC missile was launched by a B-52 bomber off the West Coast, flew at more than Mach 5, rose more than 65,000 feet and traveled more than 300 miles, the official said.

On the other hand, the Defense Advanced Research Agency said that, in cooperation with the Air Force, it had successfully tested a hypersonic missile designed by Lockheed Martin.

The agency added that the test is the second for this type of missile since last September, and that its success provides additional options for the Air Force and Navy, and enhances their technological capabilities on the battlefield.

The experience came days after Russia announced that it had used a hypersonic weapon in Ukraine, while Biden was preparing to visit NATO allies in Europe, and visit Poland, where he met the Ukrainian foreign and defense ministers.

CNN says the United States has always been careful not to take steps or make statements that might unnecessarily escalate tensions with Mosoko.

On Friday, the United States canceled a scheduled test of the ICBM "Minuteman 3" to avoid any misinterpretation by Russia.

In general, the United States has also remained somewhat cautious about the weapons and equipment it sends to Ukraine, and has opposed moving fighter planes there, lest the Kremlin interpret such a move as entering the war.

The defense official said that US officials remained silent about the recent test for two weeks for similar reasons, and were careful not to provoke the Kremlin or Russian President Vladimir Putin, especially as Russian forces expanded their bombing of Ukraine.

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