Ukrainian President: Russians kidnap children and rape mothers in front of their children

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Russian forces are committing war crimes in Ukraine, especially the kidnapping of children everywhere, stressing that Moscow seeks to turn all Ukrainians into their slaves.

The Ukrainian president also pointed out during the emergency session of the United Nations Security Council that there are other crimes committed by Russian forces also in the war in Ukraine, which are raping mothers and women in front of their children every day.

Zelensky noted that Russian forces are known for political corruption and involvement in events that led to famines in many countries in Africa and Asia, not just Ukraine.

Zelensky stressed that Ukraine helps all citizens residing in Ukraine, and assists in evacuating refugees wishing to escape the scourge of war, noting that his country does not discriminate between anyone and others and helps everyone without racism.

Zelensky said that all the allegations made by Russia, especially about the recent massacre in Bucha, are lies, as the Russians are used to, noting that the crimes committed by Russia in Syria are the best example of this.

During the emergency session of the United Nations Security Council, the Ukrainian president said that Russia used to launch wars in many regions and commit crimes, whether in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and other countries that witnessed what Russia committed before.

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