Investigators from the specialized interregional jurisdiction (Jirs) of Marseille carried out a series of searches and arrests in Martigues as part of an investigation for corruption, influence peddling, favouritism, illegal taking of interest and money laundering , announced Dominique Laurens, the public prosecutor of Marseille.

Nine people were taken into custody as a result.

This case, sprawling and first revealed by


last October, particularly targets the actions within Semivim, the mixed real estate company of the city of Martigues, which manages, in particular, the social housing stock.

At the end of this last crackdown, “the general manager of Semivim as well as an elected municipal official from the city of Martigues and district assistant” were indicted.

“Another municipal elected official, also deputy mayor, placed in police custody, was not referred for medical reasons, but was given a summons to appear before the investigating judge for the purpose of possible indictment. “, added the prosecution.

On December 9, after a first salvo of searches and arrests in this same case, the investigation of which was opened on October 14, the property manager of the lessor and his partner, also an employee of the company mixed economy, had been indicted and imprisoned, recalls

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