Foreign Minister Hayashi will leave for Belgium on the evening of the 6th to attend the G7 = Foreign Ministers' Meetings of the Seven Major Countries.

We would like to confirm cooperation in future measures including additional sanctions on Russia.

Foreign Minister Hayashi, who was visiting Poland, returned to Japan with 20 refugees from Ukraine on the 5th, and decided to visit Belgium from the 6th to the 8th of this month. Depart for.

In addition to the G7 Foreign Ministers'Meeting, Minister Hayashi will attend the NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization and foreign ministers' meetings including partner countries such as South Korea and Australia.

At the meeting, we would like to confirm the cooperation in the future response including additional sanctions on Russia, considering that many citizens were found dead in the suburbs of Kieu, the capital of Ukraine, where the Russian army withdrew. ..

On the other hand, the government has set up a research team by the Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the night of the 5th to strengthen support for Ukraine's support, saying that Moldova, a neighboring country that accepts many refugees, is under a heavy burden in the field of health care. I was dispatched.

After staying in the field for about a week and understanding the actual situation in cooperation with international organizations, we will urgently consider support measures, including human contributions such as dispatching doctors and nurses.