Covid in China: the separation of children from their parents in Shanghai outrages the population

Queue for an anti-Covid test in Shanghai on April 4 (Illustration image).

AP - Ding Ting

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China is facing its biggest epidemiological wave.

Reinforcement in health personnel and 2,000 soldiers have been sent to Shanghai, the new epicenter, a sign that the zero Covid policy is still relevant in the country.

However, the discontent of people confined to the Chinese economic capital continues to mount, in particular about the separation of children from their parents.


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The municipality of Shanghai persists and signs, despite the controversy that has been brewing for several days.

Authorities in China's largest city have confirmed that if a child is infected, they must be separated from their parents if the latter have not tested positive.

Children over 7 years old will be housed in quarantine centers and children under 7 years old will be cared for in public health centers.

This is the new fear for parents in Shanghai as videos showing young children left to fend for themselves and crying in isolation centers flood the web and shock public opinion.

As part of the zero Covid policy more than ever in force in the country, Chinese law requires that any infected person must be placed in isolation in a center approved by the authorities.

Shanghai has been under general lockdown for a week now.

Authorities have extended the megalopolis' lockdown indefinitely as infections continue to rise in China's most populous city.

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