China News Service, April 5th. According to comprehensive US media news, on the 3rd local time, a shooting occurred in Sacramento, the capital of California, USA, causing 6 deaths and 12 injuries.

Data map: US police sort out recovered firearms.

  The shooting happened not far from the California State Capitol in Sacramento.

On the same day, California Governor Newsom issued a statement saying that "gun violence continues to be a crisis in the United States", and he called on all walks of life to show determination and end similar tragedies.

Newsom has signed 15 gun control laws during his tenure.

Currently, California has 107 different gun control laws, the most in the nation.

  About 7 million of the more than 39 million Californians have guns in their homes, according to a survey by the Center for the Study of Gun Violence at the University of California.

In 2019, the number of adults who owned a gun in California was 4.2 million, and the total number of gun owners was 19.9 million.

  In 2016, the people of California voted to agree that gun buyers must go through a background check and that "ghost guns" cannot be delivered by mail.

It is reported that ghost guns, also known as "80% guns", are sold in the form of parts without serial numbers, and the final assembly is completed by the user.

  What else can California's gun laws do?

Before the shooting, Democratic Senator Bob Hertzberg proposed a proposal that would give California residents the right to sue gun manufacturers and suppliers, local media reported.

Another Democrat, California Senator Min Dawei, proposed to ban the sale of firearms in 73 convention plazas under the state government.

  Still, gun advocates say California can't do more because the U.S. Bill of Rights enshrines protections for gun ownership in the Constitution.

Paredes, the head of the California gun advocacy group, believes that lawmakers ignore the real reasons behind violent shootings and must delve into related "psychological motives, economic factors, medical or other issues."

  Even though California has stricter gun control laws, out-of-state guns are difficult to control.

In July 2019, at a garlic festival in Gilroy, California, a gunman shot and killed three people with a gun legally purchased in Nevada.

  Those with prior violent crimes are not legally allowed to buy guns in California, but recent shootings have shown that there are other ways to acquire guns.

Last February, David Mora, a 39-year-old man with a history of domestic violence, who was visiting his children with a court guardian, committed suicide after shooting three daughters at a church.

  In this regard, Professor Winkler of the University of California, Los Angeles believes that "in a society where guns are flooded, it will never be completely exempt from shooting incidents."