It's a real temple dedicated to Johnny who disappeared in flames and smoke.

On Monday, a major fire ravaged a house on the island of Molène (Finistère).

It was in this building built by his parents sixty years ago that Erwan Masson and his mother lived.

Considered one of the biggest French fans of Johnny Hallyday, Erwan lost his impressive collection of objects dedicated to the deceased rocker in December 2017. Asked by


, the Johnny fan is upset.

"I had time to save my mom, we both went out", he explained before mentioning "the disappearance of a lifetime of memories, a fan journey reduced to nothing".

In his house, Erwan Masson had piled up a whole collection of objects to the glory of his idol.

Autographed guitars, concert posters, photos and even clothing were swept away in flames on Monday.

An electric blanket at the origin of the disaster

According to


, an electric blanket was the cause of the disaster, which the two firefighters on the island failed to control.

It took the intervention of the Brest firefighters to put an end to it.

Erwan Masson lost his house and his entire collection, but he didn't lose his humor.

"I will always love Johnny's song

Allumez le feu"

, he explained to our colleagues.

Known as the most western French fan of Johnny Hallyday, Erwan Masson released a book last year called

Johnny, my island and me


The fan recounts the 200 concerts he attended, the evenings backstage, the meetings with the legend, notably at the Vieilles Charrues in 2006.


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