A robot dog has been caught in an apartment complex in Shanghai, China, which is becoming the second Wuhan due to lockdown measures, warning citizens to stop Corona 19 without stopping.


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The empty streets of Shanghai due to the corona lockdown.

A robot dog with a loudspeaker taped to its body runs around.

The robot dog repeatedly says to the citizens outside, "Go home quickly or you will be punished" and "wear a mask".

They run around the streets on behalf of quarantine agents and issue random alerts.

The video was filmed in a residential area in eastern China, and the Chinese authorities previously closed the area for four days and then investigated whether citizens were infected with the corona virus.

China has implemented a policy of 'zero corona', meaning that it cannot tolerate even a single confirmed case, but the number of confirmed cases continues to rise.

Netizens commented, "I feel like I'm being controlled by a robot. It's kind of creepy!"

"I wish we had it in our apartment too! There are so many people who are not aware these days."

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(Screen source: SCMP Clips)