The federal government wants to support refugees from Ukraine with more money and better care.

Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser (SPD) wants to push through at the federal-state summit on Thursday that the basic benefits for those who have fled are raised to Hartz IV level, as she told the "Bild" on Monday.

"Many of the adult refugees are well qualified, they want to work immediately," said Faeser.

"For them, the job centers are better contacts than the social welfare offices."

The burden must now be shared fairly between the federal, state and local governments.

"We don't want to treat refugees from Ukraine worse than people who have been granted asylum in Germany," said Faeser.

In view of the plans, the Union warned of additional incentives for refugees to come to Germany.

Deputy parliamentary group leader Andrea Lindholz (CSU) said to the "Bild": "Such a change could have significant pull effects within the European Union and would also not be legally clean."

The previous practice provides that refugees from the Ukraine as recognized war refugees according to the Residence Act are still covered by the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act.

They get less money than Hartz IV recipients.

According to the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act, a single person is currently entitled to 367 euros per month.

The Hartz IV rate for employable Ukrainians would be 449 euros per month.