District councilor Werner Moritz-Kiefert was hit by an S-Bahn and died on a level crossing in Kriftel on Sunday evening.

The blind 74-year-old man's dog was also killed.

The police are assuming it was an accident.

Apparently Moritz-Kiefert wanted to cross the rails, but the half-barriers that secure the crossing on Paul-Duden-Stra├če near the Krifteler train station were already closed at this point.

The train driver of the incoming train noticed the man and his guide dog on the tracks and activated an emergency brake, but that could no longer prevent the collision.

Moritz-Kiefert was active in the local council of Kriftel and in the district committee of the Main-Taunus-Kreis for the SPD and has campaigned there for the interests of disabled people for many years.

A little over two weeks ago, a 12-year-old boy was also hit by a train and killed at the same level crossing.

The First Councilor of the municipality of Kriftel, Franz Jirasek (independent), criticizes that the level crossing is only secured with half barriers.

A cyclist died there ten years ago.

At that time, the municipality had requested that full barriers or an acoustic warning system be installed.

Deutsche Bahn AG considered this unnecessary and did nothing.

After two accidents within a few weeks, the community will now ask the railways again to better secure the transition, said Jurasek.