News from Ukraine.

Hundreds of the remains of civilians who died horribly in an area near the Russian-occupied capital Kiiu have been recovered.

Amid growing international outrage as clear evidence of the genocide of civilians, Russia claimed that it was all Ukrainian manipulation.

Reporter Kim Young-ah reports.


Three bodies were found among the dirt in the city of Motichin, about 50 kilometers west of Kiiu, the capital of Ukraine.

A middle-aged woman, a middle-aged man with tied hands and blindfolded eyes, and a young man.

[Motichinsi Residents: Olga Mayor of our city, his husband Mr. Igor, and son Sasha.

The three were captured by the Russian army on the 23rd of last month.]

It is believed that the Russian army, which occupied the city, did not comply with the request for cooperation, executed the Mayor family and then abandoned the body and retreated.

In the yard of a church in Bucha City, where dozens of civilian bodies were found on the street, it was confirmed that more than 50 bodies were buried in a 14-meter-long pit.

Many of the bodies have been stripped of their clothes, their hands tied and there are clear signs of torture.

[Bucha Resident: A man put his hand on his head and said he would not resist, but the Russians fired a gun.

The Russian military shot a woman as she entered her home for no reason.]

Ukrainian authorities say that about 410 civilian bodies have been recovered so far in the vicinity of Kiiu alone.

The international community unanimously condemned it as a clear and horrific war crime.

[Scholz / German Chancellor: The massacre of civilians is a war crime.

We need to thoroughly investigate the war crimes committed by the Russian military.]

However, Russia insisted that all of the released videos were manipulation by the Ukrainian side.

He also demanded the convening of the UN Security Council, saying that this suspicion should be resolved.

(Video editing: Jeon Min-gyu)