"Hather" monitors violations of pedestrian crossings with artificial intelligence in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Police has started activating the automatic control of the Hazer radar system in Abu Dhabi, which works with artificial intelligence technology to monitor pedestrian crossings and monitor vehicle violations that do not allow pedestrians to be given priority from the places designated for their crossing, in conjunction with the Ministry of Interior campaign under the slogan "Pedestrians and drivers safety from run-over accidents."

She stated that the Hazer system aims to alert drivers to the importance of adhering to the rules of traffic and to give priority to pedestrians crossing from the places designated for them, in order to preserve their safety and the safety of others. Photographing the license plates of the violating vehicles.

She pointed out that she is currently studying the generalization of the system across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in places near schools and commercial centers, after its success in the pilot phase, by seizing a number of violating vehicles and sending instructive messages only to violating drivers of the necessity of committing to a complete stop when pedestrians cross the areas designated for them.

Abu Dhabi Police confirmed that it is not happy to issue traffic violations and does not aim at them in any way, considering the new system a motive for perpetrators of violations to return to reviewing their traffic behavior in terms of compliance with the laws and regulations established to ensure their safety and the safety of pedestrians, and explained that these violations are still controlled by patrols, in addition to a careful radar. .

She appealed to drivers to pay attention to self-censorship stemming from a sense of responsibility that results from respecting the law and preserving the rights of other road users with honesty and goodwill, explaining that the violation is against non-compliant drivers, including Article (69) not giving priority to pedestrians in the places designated for crossing, and a violation of 500 dirhams. And 6 traffic points.

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