Before President-elect Yoon Seok-yeol nominated Han Deok-soo's nominee for Prime Minister, he handed over a whole draft of the appointment of a minister to form the new cabinet and requested a review.

The elected party explained that the intention was to introduce a 'responsible prime minister system' in which the prime minister proposes the appointment of a minister and oversees state affairs.

A prime minister candidate who went to work for the first time yesterday (4th) emphasized mid- to long-term financial soundness.

Reporter Eom Min-jae reports.


President-elect Yoon Seok-yeol had dinner with candidate Han Deok-soo for three hours the day before his nomination for prime minister.

The day before this meeting, the elected official explained that he had handed the entire proposal for the appointment of the first cabinet minister to a candidate in advance and requested a preliminary review.

It is the will of the elected president, "I will do the responsible prime minister system properly."

[Kim Eun-hye / Elected Spokesperson: I think that this is the moment when the Prime Minister’s right to recommend personnel, guaranteed by law, has come into effect.

] side said.

A candidate who first came to the office of the personnel hearing preparation team emphasized 'financial soundness' once again.

[Han Deok-soo / Candidate for Prime Minister: Korea's debt is growing too fast (so), and in the mid- to long-term, we must have the will and goal to bring about the soundness of our finances.]

"It is inevitable that finance and finance play a role in the short term to overcome the corona crisis," he said, suggesting that deficit government bonds could be issued in addition to spending restructuring for the second supplementary budget, but the goal of fiscal management should be clear.

One candidate also said in a meeting with SBS before the nomination that, "As soon as the short-term crisis is resolved, securing financial soundness immediately becomes the president's agenda."