Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Hagita will combine the so-called "trigger clause" unfreezing and subsidy measures for oil wholesalers after May when the current subsidy for measures against soaring gasoline prices expires in NHK's Sunday debate. ▽ He expressed his intention to expand the subsidy measures or urgently consider measures.

Among them, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Hagiuda recognized that the impact of the situation in Ukraine on the Japanese economy was "The impact on the economy is quite large in a situation where Japanese companies are struggling during the recovery period from the corona disaster, and they are going to catch up. The government has begun to prepare a response to devise agile measures as soon as possible to minimize the impact. "

Of these, as for measures against soaring crude oil prices, after waiting for the result of the three-party talks between the Liberal Democratic Party and the Democratic Party for the People and the Democratic Party for the People over the trigger clause to stop the taxation of the additional portion of the gasoline tax, the freeze of the trigger clause was lifted. , Whether to combine the current subsidy measures for oil wholesale companies, or to expand the subsidy measures to lower the standard price for activation and raise the upper limit of the subsidy amount, or to urgently consider measures. rice field.

On top of that, he said that he would like to survive in various ways, such as support measures for industries and households where the business environment is harsh.

In addition, based on the fact that it was pointed out that the issuance of the "power supply and demand tight warning" issued in the jurisdiction of TEPCO in March was delayed one after another, information such as forecast before the issuance of the warning to prevent such a situation from repeating. It was revealed that we are considering issuing.

Keizai Doyukai Representative Secretary Takashima "Guidelines for Russian Business"

In NHK's Sunday debate, Kohei Takashima, Deputy Secretary-General of the Keizai Doyukai, said about economic sanctions on Russia: "Many companies have decided to withdraw from Russia or suspend operations, but on the other hand, local employees There are some difficult management decisions, such as what to do with employment and whether it is okay to stop businesses for hospitals and children. " I did.

Regarding the soaring energy prices, "There is an impact on management, but the impact of unstable energy is also great. Countermeasures against power outages are very costly. We have to reduce thermal power generation, but the nuclear power plant is re-started. How to prepare as a company in a situation where it cannot operate is an important issue. "