As the war in Ukraine prolongs, civilian casualties are increasing like a snowball.

As Ukrainian troops are recovering around the capital Kiiu, a large number of civilian bodies have been found where Russian troops left.

The West, including the United States, has announced additional sanctions, saying Russia is carrying out a genocide of civilians.

Reporter Won Jong-jin reports.


People are lying all over the ruined city.

These are the civilians who were killed in indiscriminate attacks by Russian troops who were retreating in the face of strong resistance from Ukrainian forces near the capital Kiiu.

In Bucha, a city north of Kiiu, a place where the bodies of 57 bodies were collectively buried, about 20 of them are said to be in civilian clothes.

The Ukrainian Prosecutor General also said in a post on social media that 410 civilian bodies had been recovered from the area near the recovered Kiiu.

[Olexi Rezhnikov / Ukrainian Defense Minister: Rape and murder of civilians and shooting from the back of their heads are truly inhumane.

] UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has hinted at a UN investigation into the alleged massacre of civilians in Russia.

The European Union and Britain have warned Russia of additional sanctions and have urged the International Criminal Court to investigate war crimes.

[Germany Chancellor Olaf Scholz: We and our allies will decide on further sanctions sooner or later.

Putin and his supporters will feel the impact.]

Meanwhile, Russian troops pushed out of the northern Ukraine capital, Kiiu, launched a concentrated attack on Odessa, a logistics hub in southwestern Ukraine.

At one time, there was news of negotiations, but with no clear results, the war is prolonging.