(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) The rise of the epidemic has caused a heavy medical burden. The Taiwan authorities relax the conditions for lifting the isolation

  China News Agency, Taipei, April 3. Taiwan's "epidemic command center" announced on the 3rd that 280 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia were newly diagnosed in Taiwan.

  According to Taiwanese media reports such as the Central News Agency and the United News Network, the "command center" stated that among the new cases, there were 183 local cases, ranging in age from under 5 to more than 80 years old, of which 90 were asymptomatic infections.

The number of newly confirmed local cases in a single day has been on the rise recently.

There were 97 new imported cases from abroad.

  For three consecutive days, the number of newly confirmed local cases in Taiwan has exceeded 100, and the rapid increase in cases has caused a heavy burden on local medical care.

Chen Shizhong, the person in charge of the "command center", pointed out that patients with mild symptoms do not have to stay in the treatment site and can leave early. Therefore, he announced that the conditions for release of isolation for asymptomatic and mildly diagnosed cases will be relaxed.

If the fever has subsided for one day or more, and the related symptoms are relieved, the cases with a negative nucleic acid PCR test result at an interval of 24 hours or a Ct value greater than or equal to 30 can be released from isolation in advance.

In addition, for cases with a Ct value greater than or equal to 30 in the first nucleic acid PCR test, if they are asymptomatic and the second PCR test is negative or greater than or equal to 30, they can also be released from isolation in advance.

  The epidemic spread to the legislature of the Taiwan authorities.

Liao Guodong, a "legislator" of the Kuomintang, confirmed on the same day that two assistants in the office were tested positive for the new crown virus and are currently in isolation.

Chen Shizhong said that for the time being, he will not announce the suspension of related activities of the legislature.

  Coinciding with the Qingming holiday, a tourist of the "Taiwan Festival" in Kenting was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia on the evening of the 2nd, resulting in the cancellation of the event on the 3rd.

As for whether other large-scale events will be suspended, Chen Shizhong said that it will not be suspended because a small number of spectators are infected. After that, large-scale events will not be suspended except for the cluster infection of staff.

  According to another report from China Times News, Chen Xiuxi, a professor at the School of Public Health of National Taiwan University, pointed out that the rapid rise in the epidemic coincided with the expiration time of the vaccine. This wave of epidemic broke out after the protective efficacy of the second dose of AZ vaccine decreased.

The coverage rate of the third dose of vaccine in Taiwan is only about 50%, and the protection of the second dose of Moderna vaccine and BNT vaccine is about to expire. He believes that the epidemic in Taiwan will reach its peak in mid-April, and there may be 500 cases per day Diagnosed above.

  As of the 3rd, a total of 24,312 cases of new coronary pneumonia have been diagnosed in Taiwan, of which 16,316 have been confirmed locally; a total of 853 deaths have been reported, including 839 local deaths.