Following the intercontinental ballistic missile test and the possibility of a nuclear test, the United States is adding sanctions against North Korea one after another.

However, there is a report that North Korea hacked into a cryptocurrency exchange and stole more than 480 billion won in order to secure foreign currency to avoid sanctions.

Correspondent Yunsu Kim from Washington.


The US Treasury Department has added five North Korean entities to its list of sanctions against North Korea.

The Ministry of Rocket Industry, which leads missile development, and four trading companies that support weapons development by earning foreign currency were included.

On the 24th of last month, the sanctions were added eight days after North Korea announced sanctions against North Korea right after the test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile and an ICBM.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Yellen has warned that the U.S. will continue to use its sanctions powers if North Korea continues its provocations.

Following the ICBM, the possibility of a nuclear test is raised, so it seems to be an intention to send a warning message to North Korea.

The UN Sanctions Committee on North Korea released an annual report that North Korea has steadily advanced its nuclear and missile technology despite international sanctions, and as a result, it is possible that it has perfected hypersonic missile intercept and evasion technology, and that it is also attempting to deploy submarine-launched ballistic missiles. .

In particular, he analyzed that he stole more than 480 billion won of virtual assets last year alone by hacking cryptocurrency exchanges around the world to avoid sanctions and secure foreign currency necessary for weapon development.

To discuss the situation on the Korean Peninsula, where tensions are rising day by day, the chief representative of North Korea and the United States will meet in Washington next week, and the chief representative of North Korea and the United States will also hold discussions.

However, as the conflict between the United States, China, and Russia deepens due to the Ukraine crisis, it is difficult for the international community to jointly respond to North Korea.

(Video coverage: Oh Jeong-sik)