China News Service, Xining, April 2 (Reporter Zhang Tianfu) Completed 5.017 million mu of land greening, 926 square kilometers of soil erosion control, and took the lead in establishing an "environmental sanitation and cleanness index" in the northwest region... Deputy Secretary and Mayor of Xining Municipal Committee, Qinghai Province Kong Lingdong introduced how to build a "green valley" city and a "clean" city on the plateau at the "Ten Years of Qinghai"-Xining special press conference held by the Information Office of the Qinghai Provincial People's Government on the 1st.

  "In the past ten years, we have always adhered to the integrated protection and systematic management of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes, grass, sand and ice, and strived to build a plateau 'green valley' city and a 'clean' city, and accelerated the construction of a model city of ecological civilization in the new era. Clean, fresh and refreshing." Kong Lingdong said.

  ——The ecological background is more solid.

Kong Lingdong introduced that in the past ten years, Xining City has completed 5.017 million mu of land greening, and the forest coverage rate has increased from 28% to 36.5%.

18,700 mu of new garden green space was added, the per capita park green space increased from 9 square meters to 13 square meters, and the green coverage rate in the built-up area increased from 36.6% to 40.5%, becoming the first "National Garden City" and "National Forest City" in Northwest China. Honorary capital city.

Nowadays, in Xining, the evergreen trees in the north and south mountains are verdant.

  - Continued to increase pollution prevention and control efforts.

It is reported that over the past ten years, Xining City has managed a total of 926 square kilometers of soil and water loss, completely eliminated water bodies inferior to Class V, and the water quality of the exit section of the Huangshui River has fully reached the standard.

The average concentration of PM2.5 in the city dropped by 34.7%, the average number of days with good air quality per year reached 330, and the rate of good air quality reached 90.4%, leading the capital cities in the northwest for 6 consecutive years.

  ——Remarkable achievements in energy saving and emission reduction.

Kong Lingdong introduced that in the past ten years, Xining City has completed a total of 3,000 steam tons of "coal-to-gas" and low-nitrogen boiler transformation.

It took the lead in establishing the "Environmental Sanitation and Cleanliness Index" in the northwest region, achieved full coverage of green public transportation, and the proportion of green buildings reached 62%.

  "Xining's ecological construction and protection are particularly important due to its special geographical location and natural climatic conditions." Zhou Renyi, director of Xining Forestry and Grass Bureau, said that greenness and ecology have become the development background and competitive advantage of modern, beautiful and happy Xining.

  At the press conference, Zhou Renyi shared the "Xining Experience" formed through the ecological construction of the past ten years.

  Zhou Renyi introduced that in the process of land greening, the Xining North and South Mountains Greening Project launched in 1989 is a landmark demonstration project for the construction of ecological civilization in Xining City and even the whole province. In 2012, the project won the "China Habitat Environment Model Award".

In the past ten years, we have continued to promote the greening of the North and South Mountains, completed afforestation of 270,000 mu, and rebuilt a "North and South Mountains". The regional forest coverage rate has increased from 7.2% in 1989 to 79%.

In 2018, the national on-site meeting on promoting large-scale land greening was held in Xining. The afforestation and greening model and ecological construction effect in the cold and arid areas of the Xining Plateau have become the "Xining experience" of land greening.

  Zhou Renyi said that Xining highlights the concept of green development, and has invested a total of 18.116 billion yuan in the past ten years to build Dahua Reservoir and Xinachuan Reservoir, etc., and completed water ecological restoration and management, urban and rural water saving and water supply with plateau characteristics and water collection ecology. The water ecological civilization construction demonstration project integrating restoration and water culture display has explored the construction model of water ecological civilization in alpine and water-deficient cities on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and formed the "Xining Experience" of urban ecological water system construction and protection.

  In addition, Xining has become the first provincial capital city in the country to be included in the “Waste-Free City” pilot program. Through the establishment of a city-wide garbage classification and recycling system, the three-year action of the “Toilet Revolution” has been completed, and the scientific and standardized disposal and utilization of industrial solid waste (hazardous waste), medical Waste, etc., has initially formed a green development as the core to lead and drive, build a characteristic circular chain in the three major fields of industry, agriculture and life, and support and guarantee the four systems of system, technology, market and supervision, and the "134N" waste-free Xining built by the whole people. model.

  "In the past ten years, the sky in Xining has become bluer, the mountains have become greener, and the water has become clearer." Zhou Renyi said, "It can be said that in the past ten years, the land greening has reached a record high, the number of parks and green spaces has been built, and the air quality has been continuously improved. 10 years in which the quality of water quality has fully reached the standard; it is a decade in which the concept of green development has been deeply rooted, the ecological environment is better, the city is more beautiful, and the living environment is better; it is a year in which the people's sense of green acquisition and happiness has been significantly enhanced. Ten years." (End)