China News Service, April 2. According to Japan's "Ryukyu Shimbun", on March 30, a U.S. Marine Corps soldier stationed at Camp Hansen in Okinawa, Japan, was arrested by local police on suspicion of causing an accident after drinking and driving.

  According to reports, the U.S. soldier drove his car into the car in front of him on a national highway in Okinawa, and the driver of the car in front immediately called the police.

  After the Okinawa prefectural police arrived, they found that the soldier's alcohol content exceeded the limit by about three times, which was a drink-driving, and he was arrested.

  Police said the soldier said when he was arrested that "I did drink, but I don't remember how much".

  For a long time, U.S. troops stationed in Okinawa have frequently committed crimes, military plane crashes, falling objects and noise disturbances, which have caused the Okinawan people to be unbearable.

Japan and the United States have held numerous discussions on issues such as the relocation of the Futenma base and how to deal with criminal soldiers, but no clear solution has been reached.