China News Service, April 2 (AFP): On April 2, local time, Israeli security forces killed three Palestinians in a raid in the West Bank. The military said the killed were members of a militant group. The Pakistani side condemned the Israeli side's actions and issued a warning to the Israeli side.

  According to reports, Israeli police said they killed three members of the militant group in the arrest operation on the 2nd, and four members of the Israeli security forces were injured in the operation, one of them seriously.

  The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) later warned Israel that its actions in the West Bank and Jerusalem would not provide Israel with so-called security.

  Recently, there have been many clashes between Palestine and Israel in the West Bank and other places. On March 31, local time, the Israeli army conducted a raid on a refugee camp inhabited by Palestinians in the West Bank, resulting in the death of two Palestinians.

  Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said in a statement afterwards that "the continued attacks, the daily killing of our people and the daily crimes committed by the (Israeli) settlers will lead to a further escalation of the situation in the region."